Tekno Data presents WITC (Web-oriented Indipendent Tracer Custom-build)
the new software MES completely modular e Web-oriented

MES, stands for Manufacturing Execution System, is a system of control over the entire production department that ensures continuous improvement of processes with the main purpose to increase the quality and efficiency of productivity.

just because with any browser (Explorer, Firefox , Safari, Chrome) you have instant access to WITC and to the control of the production in real time. Its easy and intuitive interface can be used without knowledge of specific computer using the computer network, or any mobile device such as a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet.

because it is developed with Open Source technology and is therefore a MES designed to last about 10/15 years as it is independent of the operating system on which it is installed (Windows, Linux, Mac OS) and the database used for the data storage (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL). WITC is an application that is not subject to early obsolescence. 

because it is able to track and store all data coming from the field in order to allow management to make the right strategic choices. Having a detailed traceability is an essential requirement in order to respond adequately to the needs of the client and the legal provisions in specific sectors, such as food (Reg. CE 178/02 e Sistema HACCP) or cosmetics and pharmaceuticals (US 21 CFR Part 210 e 211).


because thanks to its scalable custom allows you to install only the modules that meet the specific needs of the company without overstimate functionality and investment. In the event that the company must respond to the new requirements can easily integrate new modules and functionality.


WITC allows you to comply with the legal provisions and procedures of quality

With WITC you can adapt to the quality procedures during normal operating flow without additional operations in order to respond to internal and external audit verification provided by the various quality certifications and comply with the regulatory requirements of the various sectors.

For the food industry with the safety and hygiene of the HACCP system and the EC Regulation 178 /02 concerning traceability. For the pharmaceutical and cosmetic certified U.S. 21 CFR Parts 210 and 211.

  WITC is designed to increase production efficiency


With WITC is possible to increase production efficiency , not just producing more and earlier , but also through:

1. Cost reduction (intervening on consumptions, stocks and returns) and reducing the time for document management (NetConsulting research notes that we spend 40 % of the time for the management of paper-based information)

2. The advanced multi-user management with verification of the activities of the operators ( production data and number of fault on hours worked)

3. The monitoring of performance indicators (KPIs) such as OEE, TEEP, MTBF (and others) and the integration of efficiency-oriented methodologies (Lean Production, Kaizen, SixSigma, Total Quality Management, Kanban ed altre)

  WITC allows to be directly connected between the production and the management

WITC integrates real-time data from the production (field) and puts them in direct connection with the company management (ERP). This management allows managers to make the right strategic decisions in a timely manner . In addition WITC allows you to distribute the knowledge and know-how within the application, making the experience and the know- how a property of the company that stays in the company.

  WITC allows you to manage scheduled maintenance

WITC allows you to manage scheduled maintenance, for example on the basis of hours worked or the number of fault. In addition, through the interface of WITC it is possible to create associations between each type of device and the related documentation (such as the manual in pdf format) so you can manage the spare part’s warehouse.

WITC allows the management of logistics and warehouses

WITC is able to manage the internal roads of the plant with automatic loading and unloading of loose materials using radio or transponder cards with the barcode. It can handle batches according to production dates ( shelf life and / or best before) for each raw material, semi-finished or finished product with criteria of stock rotation (FIFO or LIFO). It is also possible to constantly monitor the status of stocks, inventory and returns automatically sending orders to the ERP.

WITC allows complete control of the entire production

With WITC you can handle the basic data ( work in progress , consumption, stocks ) to manufacturing operations such as recipes, list of materials and quality specifications . In addition, you can set a schedule production orders with a programmed schedule.


Do you want to check the real-time production?

With WITC you can monitor in real time all the work in progress , production yields and the status of stocks of different stores.

Want to know what creates a gap or a loss of efficiency?

With WITC you can increase production efficiency by monitoring the causes of plant shutdown, yields, consumption, hours/man and managing scheduled maintenance.

Do you want to increase the reliability of your suppliers?

You can increase the reliability of your suppliers , monitoring the quality of the products and services provided and historicizing the non-compliance.



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