1997. Birth

Venice. On the initiative of three young professionals born Tekno Data Srl with the aim of providing software and hardware solutions to high-profile technology for the control, management and process automation. The founders started operating in the early 80's: they provide clients thirty years of experience.

1998. Cubetrack

First Tekno Data’s development platform for the control and automation of manufacturing processes designed to ensure high levels of modularity and customization.

2006. Logitrack

Tekno Data presents the first automation software developed for the specific needs of traceability in the food sector. Logitrack is able to connect the data from the production line with those of management and administration.

2008. BIC in Trieste

In order to increase synergies with the University and the Department of Research, Tekno Data has been inaugurated a new branch within the Business Innovation Center ' Incubators FVG ' of Trieste. The new branch allows us to experience cutting-edge solutions designed to maximize the profitability of production of ours customers.

2011. WITC

Evolution of Logictrack, WITC is a new generation MES, completely modular and Web -oriented. Designed to last over time as independent of operating systems, databases and third-party software, it is capable of connecting directly the production area (field) with the organizational management area (ERP).

2014. Today and tomorrow

During 17 years of activity, Tekno Data has consolidated its position: that of close strategic automation partner of customer operations oriented to meet its specific needs.