Divisione Service

During its life cycle, any type of system requires small or large interventions. The timeliness and quality of these interventions has undoubted economic importance. For this reason Tekno Data has decided to offer through the Service Division, in addition to assistance due to testing, 3 different profiles for ongoing assistance based on the needs of ours customers.

During the development of a contract, Tekno Data offers assistance to testing that begins with the first delivery on-site and ends after 2 months of the last delivery on-site .

At the end of this period is automatically activated the ongoing support BASE CARE. For those customers who want a dedicated support (to deal with very quickly to any failures or shutdowns) with a preferential and extended availability (also 24/24 - 7/7 - 365/365), Tekno Data offers 2 services advanced: PLUS CARE or FULL CARE, for which the specifications can be found on the page dedicated to ongoing assistance.

In a preliminary analysis we are able to customize a service even on those applications not directly developed by Tekno Data.

Warranty on the application

At the end of care testing , Tekno Data offers 1 year warranty on the application installed for all those bugs or malfunctions attributable to the Development Team.