Tekno Data is a System Integrator that detects , interprets and simplifies the automation needs of customers by offering a solution that guarantees the best performance cost / benefit . To do so we decided to work with young and qualified personnel. We decided to believe the ideas, the spirit of initiative and the close collaboration with ours customers. These are , for Tekno Data , the true levers of renewal.

The Tekno Data’s Development Team is highly specialized on different architectures on the market, and works inspired by the Agile Development Methodology, method oriented to the timely release of valuable software that accepts the changes, even in advanced stages of development, in favour of  the customer's competitive advantage .


In addition, the weekly sharing of the progress of orders through the Visible Planning allows developers to share needs, bugs and new solutions in all business projects.


Being responsible, concrete innovative and dedicated listeners. These shared values inspire the act of each Tekno Data’s resource and offering the best guarantees of quality of service to our customers.