The high level of specialization has led Tekno Data to create 3 divisions with different skills, but integrated with each other :

Automation Division

Develops solutions for plant automation control systems using PLC, DCS and SCADA Supervisors among the most popular in the market.

MES Division

Implements the main MES available in the market, but mainly develops and installs the solution WITC, the new Tekno Data’s MES. Completely modular, Web -oriented, WITC is designed to last as independent third-party software.

Service Division

Takes care of assistance on the plants and solutions implemented. The profile of assistance is defined together with the customer according to their needs and search and modes of intervention. The aim is to ensure a reduction in unexpected costs by providing training and support to guarantee the best production performance (also 24/24 - 7/ 7 - 365 /365).